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AVIATION ITENGRATED MEDIA, LLC, is your "Solution" for Quality. Aviation Integrated Media LLC, based in Cairo, Egypt “THE HEART OF THE WORLD”, “THE LAND OF THE RIVER NILE”, “THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION”. We offer professional consulting services to emerging airlines, AMO’s, startup carriers, startup AMO’s and Commuter Operators with a team of experienced aviation and airline professionals. As well, provide a bundle of services to all private/corporate jet owners. Our staff coming from different aviation backgrounds are ready to provide variety of consulting services.


Our Team

- AIM Consultancy prides itself on its high caliber project management and consultancy personnel.
- AIM Consultancy's consultants are carefully selected and come with hands on experience and proved skills in their respective fields of expertise.
- Our teams are custom tailored to suit each client's particular requirements and are drawn not only from our dedicated aviation consultants, but also when projects require from our specialist associate companies.
We have served as consultants, technical advisors, business advisors, and have worked hands-on to deliver our clients’ requirements. Our skills are used to provide solutions across the field of civil aviation.


It is all about information. “How to” Read, Analyze & Interpret available data
- Aiming at the most ideal industry standards.
- Integrating the newest and the most up to date Techniques & Methods.
- Maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality and customer care.
Our vision was driven from a rather practical and simple prospect; achieving harmony in an organization is the best way for targeting profit in the traditional “Revenue Hunting Mission”.


Our mission is to employ our unique industry expertise to provide aviation businesses with services, deliverables, and resources needed to achieve their goals and objectives “HARMONY”.
- Think Different
- Encourage executives to think with genuine perspectives
- Translate vision into reality
- Using extensive research and analytical capabilities
- Create teams of experienced and qualified personnel whom are capable of addressing problems from a creative, technical, and analytical standpoint
- Measure services quality by Providing a detailed customer feedback result report .